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  • Fast

  • Affordable

  • Predictable DSD planning

Have you ever felt like achieving a new smile was out of reach? With Lite Dentistry, it’s now simpler than you thought.

What is Lite Dentistry?

Lite Dentistry is a quick and simple smile makeover option to transform the appearance of your teeth and your confidence. There is no need for long, complex or expensive treatments to get the results you want – Lite Dentistry makes simple changes to your teeth for dramatic smile results.

Lite Dentistry can make your teeth appear:


Straighter or better aligned

SI_What_Is_DSD_Features_Rebalance the shape and size_140px

More even in size or shape


Whiter and brighter



Have any of these concerns stopped you going after a new smile?


Dental treatment might take a long time


A new smile could look fake


It might be uncomfortable


I might have to change my lifestyle


It could be expensive

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With Lite Dentistry, these problems aren’t an issue.

Achieving a healthy, happy smile is easier than you might think.

How do we deliver a smile you’ll love?

We are part of a small global network of certified DSD Clinics, skilled in using Digital Smile Design to deliver comfortable treatment and confident smiles.

Using dental software, we plan your smile digitally and show you a preview before treatment starts.

We put your concerns first and love to deliver results that make you smile!

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Simple treatment, significant results


Lite Dentistry

Before, getting the smile of your dreams might have meant long dental treatment or high costs. With Lite Dentistry, a small number of straightforward treatments can dramatically change the look of your smile – and your confidence.


We straighten your teeth

The first step is often to straighten and realign your teeth, addressing small issues like gaps or overcrowding.

To do this, we use Invisalign clear aligners which are comfortable, removable – and almost invisible! This means minimal disruption to your normal routines. All our treatment is planned out digitally before we begin, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.


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We tweak their appearance

When your teeth straightening is over, we then do a few other light treatments to alter the look of your teeth.

You could change their color with teeth whitening or alter the appearance of your gum line with gum contouring.

You can also have composite bonding, where we create custom-made composite veneers by applying a tooth-colored material to your teeth through a mold.

HD_What_Is_DSD_Features_natural restorations

Why do we love Lite Dentistry?

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1. Treatment is comfortable

There is no need for long, complex or invasive procedures. With Lite Dentistry, you have straightforward, minimally invasive treatment.

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See your new smile at the start

When you choose Lite Dentistry, you can see a preview of how your new smile could look on you before we begin your treatment.

It’s an incredible moment that lets you experience the full impact of your new smile, right at the start of the process.

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