Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

We use the best-rated materials in the field and work with several local and nationally known labs to deliver the best possible restorations. Most of our cases can be restored using only porcelain – giving a natural look to the crowns and bridges and avoiding the gray discoloration close to the gumline that people usually notice. They still supply the same kind of strength and durability as traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.

Protective Dental Crowns

When your tooth sustains damage from trauma or deep decay, we do our best to repair your tooth and protect it from further damage or eventual tooth loss. Saving your natural teeth is generally the best option for your health as well as the most affordable way to maintain a healthy, comfortable smile.

Dental crowns can repair and protect your natural tooth by covering your tooth structure from your gumline to the chewing surface. In most cases, we use all-porcelain dental crowns because of their strength and esthetic value. All-porcelain dental crowns do not have the dark, metallic line that is visible with porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, making them appear more natural.

Because dental crowns cover your entire tooth structure, they absorb some of the force from chewing. This provides comfort by covering the area near your nerve and reduces sensitivity.


A proper restoration can extend the life of your tooth by decades.


Fixed Dental Bridges for Missing Teeth

Despite our best efforts, tooth extraction is sometimes the only answer to protect your health and restore comfort. When that happens, we provide all treatment options to complete your smile. For some patients, that may mean dental implants while for others, a fixed dental bridge may be the answer.

A dental bridge consists of two abutment crowns on your adjacent healthy teeth that suspend an artificial tooth to fill the gap in your smile. At West Glades Dental, we design your dental bridge to match your teeth’s appearance and color so your smile appears seamless.

Dental bridges can keep your remaining teeth from shifting toward the gap in your smile, protecting the integrity of your bite. Unlike dental implants, they do not aid in bone retention, but they are still an esthetic way to address a missing tooth.


Caring for Your
Crowns and Bridges

Avoid chewing anything that is not food because it can damage your natural teeth as well as your dentistry. In addition to good home oral hygiene, regular dental exams, and professional dental cleanings, wearing a nightguard if you clench and grind your teeth can help prevent damage. With proper care, your restorations can last many years!

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